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New chapbook manuscripts currently out for review. 


David's fifth poetry collection Blind Turns in the Kitchen Sink will published at Anxiety Press for release in July 2023.

David's sixth poetry collection, Red Berries, which is currently under development, will span works from 2018 to now with original works that have not been published.


David continues to generate new prose and verse (depending on the mood of his muse, of course) and submits for publication to literary journals/magazines on a regular basis.

Regular Gigs

As of October 2022, David serves as Assistant Poetry Editor at The Temz Review.

Literary Mag

Under Construction!!!


David is currently working on new stuff. Stay tuned!!!

Short-Fiction / CNF

David currently has some brand new short fiction and CNF out for review. Stay tuned!!!

Spoken Word

No immediate plans. Stay tuned for updates!


"Wow! So powerful my friend. Thank you for sharing your gift."

C. S.

- Facebook comment about "Blue Room" (poem published by Former People Journal December 2018).

"I love your poetry, David! so fine..."

A. R.

- Comment about "Killers" (poem accepted at Cephalopress for publication January 2019)


from the silence

of words

that have had their due.' Love these lines David."

M. D.

- Comment about "Sucking the Marrow" (poem accepted at Writ in Dust for publication January 2019).

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